Cambridge Open Studio’s impromptu interview in 2014 with artist Denise Spalding

My desire to study art has been with me from an early age. Whenever possible I could be found totally absorbed in drawing or colouring. As my school did not offer art as a subject, I explored further in evening classes at the local Art college. My desire to study art was ignited. Being told that art was not a subject ‘suitable’ for a career, it was in my early 40’s that I studied to qualify to teach art in high schools. I taught and exhibited in South Africa, and since 2000, here in United Kingdom.

The pandemic, I has given me time to totally immerse myself in creativity. Colour, expressive marks, and sometimes pattern are layered, using expressive marks. I do not restrict myself to one medium. The result reflects a personal response to the subject matter.

When I am painting, I feel comfortable and happy.


I thrive on sharing the creative experience with others and, as soon as it is safe to do so, I will be teaching again. Numbers are restricted for groups. One to one tuition and assistance is also available. You are welcome to join the waiting list.


Commissions will be considered.